Shadow-Run Denver 2073

Fridge Log

Part 1

Run 1 part 1

New job. Seems straightforward. Bunch of faces i don’t recognize though. I think I’m finally getting some highrent jobs, and this one is top cred. 20k nuyen a head for a 48 hour job.

New crew, they don’t seem so bad. We got us a genuine elven wizard, complete with shiney faux-silk robes. Seems like he likes to talking. seems good at it.

We got a dwarf who seems like he’s got a thing against trolls. Started in on the big dumb trolls thing. going to be fun.

We got a deckjockey. Seems good. better than ghost, not as good as mouse. Not a lot of good judgement though. Need to get this kid a van so he doesn’t just pass out on the street.

Also got a soldier. Was a little late, likes the sharp pointies so can’t be all bad. He’s going to be trouble if he’s got the whole redemption warrior thing going, but i’m getting that shellshocked 6 vibe instead. Seems decent.

Job is simple. Stop a deal between the russians and a local gang. Its probably the kings or the g0dz. If we can pin it on one of them, bonus. If we can find the supplier, bonus.

Sidenote: New gang rolled into the area. The Emperors, scorpion mark. Big creds behind them, more hotseat than sack of meat. Need to check on them. Dollars to deadbolts they will be trouble. Spanked the zombies, i think.

Deckjockey finds the origin of the tip about the deal. The norms go in, Soldier and i stand outside and watch the exits in case they slip. They slip, Soldier herds her to me. Looks like a 13 year old girl. Tries to shoot soldier with taser, reloads it with practiced precision, fires it at me like a professional, very practiced. she books Soldier goes from lying down to in front of her like a damned parkour badass. Grabs her, they go down. I taserhug her and tell him to bring the car around back. Slap on the jammer ghost gave me just in case. toss in trunk. Take them to Aurora to the shitbag safehouse. Plop her in chair, zip tie her down. The questions start, and they lay out the entire everything we know. either we’re going to need some laes or i’m getting another bonus from the Doc. Either way, i leave to make a call to the Doc. Confirm availablity, check if theres any stock. Then, gunfire inside the room.

Oh yeah. Definitely going to need to see the Doc.


Copied and pasted Fridge’s log from the Forum to here so that it can easily be linked between pages.

Fridge Log
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