Shadow-Run Denver 2073

Fridge log

Run 1 Part 2

Bust into the room thinking there was a doublecross. Was on phone longer than i thought. They’d interrogated the razorkid already, then Izzy lost his shit. We got the info, we have a body that’s still breathing. Brought her to Doc Holiday. Tells me she’s worth 10k as is. Poor payout given what she’s sporting, but the Doc will give me a special discount next time i go in for work. Doc’s good like that. Kid coulda been a runner someday, but ended up on the wrong side of the job. Not happy about this one, but she’s got images of our faces. That’s not good for business. Leaving a trail of corpses isn’t either.

But then, that’s why I go to the Doc. Not much left after her work but meat, and that’s the only cash that spends with the ghouls. Have to make a deal later. Won’t like that much either. Doc will do this right. Maybe give one of the local sinless a good deal on a new ticker. Everyone wins. Except Molly.

Current job is going down over at an airport in UCAS. They pulled Deidrick in and he helped them out. He’s not bad people, but sometimes he ain’t people.

Catch up to the others. Soldier boy took a bow. Don’t blame him. This will be messy work. We talk it out, then the quiet ones go and take a look inside. Airport security isn’t what it used to be. Going to trust our decker will delete any footage.

Emperors show up. Knew they were going to be trouble. Vory’s show up. Laser mic comes in handy yet again. Sometimes tech makes life easier. listen in, hear the deal, see the merch. Deal is solid. Weigh options. Take out a leutie and the goons will scatter. Take out a tough and the leuties might call a rabbit. Take out the driver then. Take aim. First arrow starts flying and one of the Vory’s opens fire on the Emperors. Plan comes together. Happens like that sometimes, you figure out what do to while its being done.

Fight is a long one, but the gangs are too busy killing each other to do anything but die. Judge nearly takes an exploding car to the face. Knock out the last Emperor with a hammerhead. Always good to take one alive. Have questions for him later. Molly still isn’t sitting right. Think i forgot something.

Judge starts cutting on the one who first opened fire. Keeps an eye. Keeps some teeth. Uses the chummer’s own blood to draw on his face. Creepy motherfucker. Grabs Gregori, probably planning to do worse to the leutie. I vote run and deal with cars later. They vote change cars now and then hop the boarder. Airborne backup arrives, shoots out engine of the car full of corpses twice. drops gas. Time to motor, no way the Knight or the Star will catch me over some chumps. Get far enough away. See a symbol on the airlift. We’re idiots.

Its not the Knight. They would have shot out both cars once instead of one car twice. Its not the Star, they would have opened with shooting the drivers. Neither would have bothered with the gas. Its freakin’ Doc Wagon. They’re after the Leutie Gregori, nuyen to nuggets. Car with the guns makes it away, everyone else is down. No way i can take them all and keep my bike. No way am i losing the bike. Strip them of everything that might cause problems at a boarder and call an autocab. I don’t trust the damn things, but better that than try to take two lumps of meat through devilrat territory with anything UCAS flavored behind us. That would be just as bad as leaving them there.


memjob DC_Sleeve

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