Shadow-Run Denver 2073

Klaus Log

Session 2

Fridge and Cal run off to doctor Molly up patched up. Izzy the Turk, The Judge, I (Klaus) work on heading out to Commerce City. It is about 20 hours until the meet will be happening at the airport.

Before we headed out Izzy made a last scrape off Molly’s comm link to get some PAN IDs. There was a little trouble getting out of Aurora but we mapped it out and headed back to the Downtown portion of the Hub ( map). Izzy contacted his coyote contact Diedrick to see if he can get us past the UCAS security checkpoint. I have to spot The Judge 500 Nuyen to get there. But Diedrick makes it happen and we get there in his pretty pimped out car in a little under an hour and a half.

We roll up about 5 blocks from the airport and start taking note of the area surrounding. Izzy hacks a car for us to use and it belongs to a guy the works for someone named Ren Roku. I swipe the info on the two data pads just in case there is anything of value I could use for later.

Getting back to the surveying and I can’t see shit. Fridge shows up at some point and I don’t care to stick around much so I headed down to get a better look of the airport. After cutting through the fence I headed towards the control tower. There was all of one guard and a whole lot of nothing interesting. There was some activity over by the hanger but more on that a bit later. The only things of note about the airport was the lack of surveillance and the fact that it is better maintained that it looks; it is mocked up to look rundown.

Apparently the guys didn’t take to kindly to my taking my time and really surveying… it might have been a little overkill but hey we knew we weren’t going to get boned at least. Anyways they took a nap. I took a quick one and prepped for the meet to come. After the guards and guys working in the hanger leave Judge and I went to scope out the hanger. Yet again it was pretty boring stuff. Sure there was a nice tool set but nothing really interesting. I whipped up a mighty big distraction device in the hanger before we had to get into place for the meet.

Once the meet get started things moved exceedingly fast… One minute the cars are flashing their lights and then the next there is a friggin’ log sticking out of the Royal Emperors windshield and one of the Vory goons is trying to mow people down. I popped up to take out the lead Royal Emperor. He scurries back to his van and I don’t think they even knew we were there as they picked each other off and we picked both of them off.

There was some pretty sweet gear that they had on them that I’m looking forward to sell, well… was looking forward to selling until a god damned helicopter shows up with one mighty hard on to get the lead Vory back. They dropped three grenades on the Judge and I. I tried to get the hell out of there and just got through the nearest houses door when… I’m not sure, got knocked out.


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