Kleptomaniac B/E Dwarf


Klaus is your average stereotypical dwarf. You wouldn’t likely pay him much mind, and he likes it that way. He has an addiction to stealing and if he doesn’t have to pay for something he certainly won’t. Better even yet is getting paid for something that is stolen. He has a knack for explosives and distractions and while he likes to keep things tidy and quiet he has no reservations about making things go boom when there is a need or it just makes things easier.
Klaus has a moderate compulsion of kleptomaniac.


Klaus was adopted into privilege but was kicked to the curb because of his running with the wrong crowds and unrepentant thieving. Growing up he suffered years of torment from the other kids, constantly calling him Klaus the Clown; making his stature well known. He is particularly sour in the presence of Trolls, while not contentious he certainly isn’t happy, living up to the grumpy dwarf stereotype. Much else about Klaus is fairly unremarkable, he utilizes this average appearance to aid in his ability to blend in and get his work done unnoticed.

Klaus is a runner because it is fun. People need things stolen and being hired to steal is better than stealing and trying to sell things after the fact. He has done reasonably well for himself thus far but more money is always enticing.


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