Shadow-Run Denver 2073

The Vory Job
Part 2

Only one airport in commerce city, meet going down between Gregory (vory) and Pielee (black emperors) weapons trade for something else, Emperors are trading weapons, (I use Molly’s commlink to find out the details) it is odd that they are trading weapons, typically other way around, either emperors have serious backing or not what they appear to be, airport is neutral shadowrunner type place, abandoned, technically under UCAS jurisdiction.

We head toward the airport and get back to the hub with out any issues, we will have to pass the UCAS checkpoint, we call Dedric my coyote and arrange him to smuggle us over for 500 nuyen a piece. Takes us about 1 hour and makes it to the edge of the hub, the taxi starts taking side alleys and takes the Spear creek before it turns into a side alley and we are now in UCAS Territory about 5 blocks from the airport.

37 hours to go.

The Fridge lets Molly die at the organ legger’s in exchange for 10K nuyen off of body parts, and takes a similar path as we did to commerce city, he finds us breaking into the next car and I soon spoof Molly’s signal as if she was at home.

We begin to scope the airport and get within two blocks, airport itself is about 2 miles long with chain link fence that has razor wire, no nodes found in the airport vicinity, 1 node found in one of the building s in the airport, large hanger and control tower, Klaus breaks in through the fence and begins to head toward the control tower, the runway and control tower appear shabby but are in fact well maintained, no security cameras and security features are not found.

Klaus makes it to the control tower after turning off his commlink as I try to visually follow him, Fridge is hanging out watching and the Judge hangs out in the car trying to rest from the last fight. I hit the node and look around, it appears to be someones commlink so I hop out of the node and let everyone know there is someone in the control tower.

16 hours until the meet, dawn approaches.

I drive around the block and hide the car to sleep for a while, (8 hours) Klaus is still in the hanger and when the guard leaves he sets up security and several hours later a couple of men come into the airport and begin working in the hanger.

8 hours until the meet

sleep regulator allows a character to sleep 3 hours each night and stay awake for 48 hours before modifiers take effect

After 6 hours I get user access to the hidden airport network, we setup up for the take down when the meet starts, the guys who were working in the hanger left about an hour before the meet. Klaus attempts to get into the hanger, I setup near an exit to the airport with my drone setup nearby, they find a airplane in the hanger, guard shows back up opens the gate and appears to be waiting for someone, Vory and gang show up.

The trade begins about 7 goons with Gregory and Pylee talking outside the car, crates are holding 20 xm30’s payment in the vorys trunk, Fridge draws an arrow. I begin to close the distance between me and the meet from 150 meters to 75 meters, the Judge attempts to control the thoughts of one of the vory and takes aim at the Asian guy, Klaus releases his arrow to hit the driver of the van, it punches through the glass and hits the driver, vory that had thoughts controlled dumped a full auto round into the gangers, I suppressive fire the van with the goods a gangers hits my drone, and the SUV for the VORY has the payment in its trunk, Fridge puts another arrow into the driver, combat ensues with us being the victors.

I pile the loot into my stolen car (24 high ex grenade rounds + 6 more rounds and several clips +10 clips ex rounds 20 clips normal rounds, smartlink + anti theft) we bug out back to safe house.

Doc wagon helicopter shows up and attacks us to get Gregory back which the judge dragged with us, they got Gregory as I fled the scene and dropped off the goods. We got paid 25K a piece and 8 Karma (base)

Fridge log
Run 1 Part 2

Bust into the room thinking there was a doublecross. Was on phone longer than i thought. They’d interrogated the razorkid already, then Izzy lost his shit. We got the info, we have a body that’s still breathing. Brought her to Doc Holiday. Tells me she’s worth 10k as is. Poor payout given what she’s sporting, but the Doc will give me a special discount next time i go in for work. Doc’s good like that. Kid coulda been a runner someday, but ended up on the wrong side of the job. Not happy about this one, but she’s got images of our faces. That’s not good for business. Leaving a trail of corpses isn’t either.

But then, that’s why I go to the Doc. Not much left after her work but meat, and that’s the only cash that spends with the ghouls. Have to make a deal later. Won’t like that much either. Doc will do this right. Maybe give one of the local sinless a good deal on a new ticker. Everyone wins. Except Molly.

Current job is going down over at an airport in UCAS. They pulled Deidrick in and he helped them out. He’s not bad people, but sometimes he ain’t people.

Catch up to the others. Soldier boy took a bow. Don’t blame him. This will be messy work. We talk it out, then the quiet ones go and take a look inside. Airport security isn’t what it used to be. Going to trust our decker will delete any footage.

Emperors show up. Knew they were going to be trouble. Vory’s show up. Laser mic comes in handy yet again. Sometimes tech makes life easier. listen in, hear the deal, see the merch. Deal is solid. Weigh options. Take out a leutie and the goons will scatter. Take out a tough and the leuties might call a rabbit. Take out the driver then. Take aim. First arrow starts flying and one of the Vory’s opens fire on the Emperors. Plan comes together. Happens like that sometimes, you figure out what do to while its being done.

Fight is a long one, but the gangs are too busy killing each other to do anything but die. Judge nearly takes an exploding car to the face. Knock out the last Emperor with a hammerhead. Always good to take one alive. Have questions for him later. Molly still isn’t sitting right. Think i forgot something.

Judge starts cutting on the one who first opened fire. Keeps an eye. Keeps some teeth. Uses the chummer’s own blood to draw on his face. Creepy motherfucker. Grabs Gregori, probably planning to do worse to the leutie. I vote run and deal with cars later. They vote change cars now and then hop the boarder. Airborne backup arrives, shoots out engine of the car full of corpses twice. drops gas. Time to motor, no way the Knight or the Star will catch me over some chumps. Get far enough away. See a symbol on the airlift. We’re idiots.

Its not the Knight. They would have shot out both cars once instead of one car twice. Its not the Star, they would have opened with shooting the drivers. Neither would have bothered with the gas. Its freakin’ Doc Wagon. They’re after the Leutie Gregori, nuyen to nuggets. Car with the guns makes it away, everyone else is down. No way i can take them all and keep my bike. No way am i losing the bike. Strip them of everything that might cause problems at a boarder and call an autocab. I don’t trust the damn things, but better that than try to take two lumps of meat through devilrat territory with anything UCAS flavored behind us. That would be just as bad as leaving them there.

Klaus Log
Session 2

Fridge and Cal run off to doctor Molly up patched up. Izzy the Turk, The Judge, I (Klaus) work on heading out to Commerce City. It is about 20 hours until the meet will be happening at the airport.

Before we headed out Izzy made a last scrape off Molly’s comm link to get some PAN IDs. There was a little trouble getting out of Aurora but we mapped it out and headed back to the Downtown portion of the Hub ( map). Izzy contacted his coyote contact Diedrick to see if he can get us past the UCAS security checkpoint. I have to spot The Judge 500 Nuyen to get there. But Diedrick makes it happen and we get there in his pretty pimped out car in a little under an hour and a half.

We roll up about 5 blocks from the airport and start taking note of the area surrounding. Izzy hacks a car for us to use and it belongs to a guy the works for someone named Ren Roku. I swipe the info on the two data pads just in case there is anything of value I could use for later.

Getting back to the surveying and I can’t see shit. Fridge shows up at some point and I don’t care to stick around much so I headed down to get a better look of the airport. After cutting through the fence I headed towards the control tower. There was all of one guard and a whole lot of nothing interesting. There was some activity over by the hanger but more on that a bit later. The only things of note about the airport was the lack of surveillance and the fact that it is better maintained that it looks; it is mocked up to look rundown.

Apparently the guys didn’t take to kindly to my taking my time and really surveying… it might have been a little overkill but hey we knew we weren’t going to get boned at least. Anyways they took a nap. I took a quick one and prepped for the meet to come. After the guards and guys working in the hanger leave Judge and I went to scope out the hanger. Yet again it was pretty boring stuff. Sure there was a nice tool set but nothing really interesting. I whipped up a mighty big distraction device in the hanger before we had to get into place for the meet.

Once the meet get started things moved exceedingly fast… One minute the cars are flashing their lights and then the next there is a friggin’ log sticking out of the Royal Emperors windshield and one of the Vory goons is trying to mow people down. I popped up to take out the lead Royal Emperor. He scurries back to his van and I don’t think they even knew we were there as they picked each other off and we picked both of them off.

There was some pretty sweet gear that they had on them that I’m looking forward to sell, well… was looking forward to selling until a god damned helicopter shows up with one mighty hard on to get the lead Vory back. They dropped three grenades on the Judge and I. I tried to get the hell out of there and just got through the nearest houses door when… I’m not sure, got knocked out.

Fridge Log
Part 1

Run 1 part 1

New job. Seems straightforward. Bunch of faces i don’t recognize though. I think I’m finally getting some highrent jobs, and this one is top cred. 20k nuyen a head for a 48 hour job.

New crew, they don’t seem so bad. We got us a genuine elven wizard, complete with shiney faux-silk robes. Seems like he likes to talking. seems good at it.

We got a dwarf who seems like he’s got a thing against trolls. Started in on the big dumb trolls thing. going to be fun.

We got a deckjockey. Seems good. better than ghost, not as good as mouse. Not a lot of good judgement though. Need to get this kid a van so he doesn’t just pass out on the street.

Also got a soldier. Was a little late, likes the sharp pointies so can’t be all bad. He’s going to be trouble if he’s got the whole redemption warrior thing going, but i’m getting that shellshocked 6 vibe instead. Seems decent.

Job is simple. Stop a deal between the russians and a local gang. Its probably the kings or the g0dz. If we can pin it on one of them, bonus. If we can find the supplier, bonus.

Sidenote: New gang rolled into the area. The Emperors, scorpion mark. Big creds behind them, more hotseat than sack of meat. Need to check on them. Dollars to deadbolts they will be trouble. Spanked the zombies, i think.

Deckjockey finds the origin of the tip about the deal. The norms go in, Soldier and i stand outside and watch the exits in case they slip. They slip, Soldier herds her to me. Looks like a 13 year old girl. Tries to shoot soldier with taser, reloads it with practiced precision, fires it at me like a professional, very practiced. she books Soldier goes from lying down to in front of her like a damned parkour badass. Grabs her, they go down. I taserhug her and tell him to bring the car around back. Slap on the jammer ghost gave me just in case. toss in trunk. Take them to Aurora to the shitbag safehouse. Plop her in chair, zip tie her down. The questions start, and they lay out the entire everything we know. either we’re going to need some laes or i’m getting another bonus from the Doc. Either way, i leave to make a call to the Doc. Confirm availablity, check if theres any stock. Then, gunfire inside the room.

Oh yeah. Definitely going to need to see the Doc.

The Vory Job
Part 1

Alex – Izzy the Turk
David – Fridge – troll, 7’ 700lbs, long coat chain mail, axes wearing long bow, jacket has been shot up and repaired, goggles on head, horns belt sanded down,
Dave – Klaus – dwarf, very average,
Brad – The Judge- purple robes, De-shelved, religious robe, symbol of moon on his back, elf
Mike – name? athletic dark black hair, white Caucasian human, has sword and pole-arm visible,

Got a comm call for a job, so I grabbed a ride across town to a dingy biker bar out in the hub it is about 6pm in September.

Central Denver is a segregated city, corps, military and gangs have divided Denver, the hub is central north Denver

On 32nd street is the bar The Tiny Dancer , Mr. Johnson is supposed to have a table in the back so I ask for him at the bar, some vagrants and some guys in biker leathers, I talk to the orc bartender who is heavily tattooed and he points me towards the black door in back, someone is watching me. As I head towards the back I notice a dwarf is following me he says he is here for the meet too and I insist he goes through the door first. We pass through the doorway and bathrooms and stairs with small chain across it. The dwarf shifting his weight drops a TMP on the ground before quickly picking it up and putting it away again. Up the stairs past the chain we reach hang out area with gym bench, pool table, vid projectors, conference table and see a man in nice suit (in between quality) he greets us and says we are to wait for the others so while we do I grab a beer.

Sooner or later everyone else arrives and we sit down to talk to Mr Johnson, he has a problem, needs supply issue fixed in next 48 hours, the elf begins to negotiate with Mr Johnson about what the run is, merchandise is not his, he needs us to steal it, hazard pay, and mentions he is glad elf is not an amateur, the word on the shadowboards deal going down between Vory (Russian mob, brotherhood of thieves) and the local gangs, probably drugs, Mr. Johnson wants supply and to stop the deal, prefers to find out who is doing the supplying if it looks like betrayal when we steal the goods even better, we have about 45 hours, rumors about local gangs being turns up the zombies, the g0dz, or the Kings, but one of the team says it is the not the zombies as Vory, recently kicked their asses, can only be Kings or Gods, find who is supplying, he wants info and will pay top dollar. We accept his terms or either $80K if he has to provide information or $125K is we get it ourselves.

I appear to be the only runner with a commlink! The others don’t have one don’t have commlinks!! Fucking barbarians! I go down to bathroom scrap off the toilet, lock the door and delve into cyberspace on hot, trying to track who made the post of the shadowboards about the meet and track who made it. I find a mention of the meeting, coded message, i try to trace the message back to the person who posted it, i grab admin access in about 1 minute and i get noticed, initiative of 8, i do 3 passes trying to decrypt, get account for Shelly Vale, appears to be 13 yr teenage girl, alias for other jobs working out of Federal Heights, I jack out and reel from some dumpshock.

Many different gangs in bar, including unknown gang hanging out in the corner, street lieutenant of Fronts and new gang in bar, dwarf is going to rob a stuffer shack for commlinks, troll is chatting up the bar, new gang is the emperors black emperor scorpion tattoo on forearm look Asian, had recent fire fight with dam busters (greasers, used to be apart of Yakuza) for Territory, well supplied, consolidating power.

The Dwarf pops into the stuffer shack and is makes home made bomb for diversion, he distracts clerk with bomb and manages to grab some commlinks (meta links) and wander out, the Judge witnesses the event and waits, dwarf walks out soon afterwards and hands the Judge a commlink,

I pick up myself up off the bathroom floor and look around for the other runners to see the troll talking to a modern looking guy with medieval weapons, I these guys must be a bunch of dust heads who watched to many fantasy vids.

We leave the bar and I start trying to jack a car but the dwarf gets to it first, we swap comm link numbers, we grab the car and haul ass to federal heights, the comm signal directs us to matrix cafe, we get to border and lucky no check point as we speed by, we reach destination, we stash our weapons and go in, mad scanner goes off and the Judge sets off alarm, i crash the mad scanner node as i get pulled into the bar by the dwarf, i grab a cup of coffee as the mage scopes the cafe.

Judge is chatting up teenage girl in the back, looking for Shelly Vale, says the owner may know, (Christine and Molly) I hit the matrix once again and PAN ID is in coffee shop and is active, attempt to decrypt the signal, break the encryption, teenage kid tries to leave and Kal followers her and tries to stall her, Kal attempts a grab, combat starts as the girl tries to fight off Kal.

Shit turns into chaos as the Judge gets tazered and goes down.

The comm signal I am watching uses the alias Flaming Dragon, the guys manage to tackle Molly, smoke grenade is going off and there is total chaos in the cafe, i spend my turn moving towards the back where the comm signal came from,we bag the girl in the trunk and head for Aurora.

Aurora is the barrens of the area, barrens are super ghetto, sinless, toxic waste, most illegal stuff comes from Aurora

Out of the 44 hours we have 42 hours left to find the site and steal the payload.

Molly was hired to setup meeting at old airport in Commerce City, happening tomorrow night at 11PM, we intimidate her and she willing to work with us but if we let her go she will run. The Black Emperors are the ones with the supply, they are trying to push the other gangs out, i replay the message earlier about the weather, tornado is airport, rain another part of town, dust / wind code words for merchandise.

The guys don’t seem to understand if we make a deal with her and let her go we are going to end up in a wood chipper by the end of the night. They don’t want to sell her to a brothel or Organ legger, they don’t want to take turns with her and they don’t want to turn her over to the Johnson so I dump a full clip into her when she asks for money, the Vory are not getting me tonight. We have her commlink and know her code words, I am going to unravel every meet in the city, ID everyone involved and steal as much as the Johnson will pay us for.

I reload and as the guys try to save her I toss them a trauma patch before leave the room but get a threat from Kal before get out.

1AM, 38 hours on Johnson’s timeline. End session.


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