Shadow-Run Denver 2073

The Vory Job

Part 2

Only one airport in commerce city, meet going down between Gregory (vory) and Pielee (black emperors) weapons trade for something else, Emperors are trading weapons, (I use Molly’s commlink to find out the details) it is odd that they are trading weapons, typically other way around, either emperors have serious backing or not what they appear to be, airport is neutral shadowrunner type place, abandoned, technically under UCAS jurisdiction.

We head toward the airport and get back to the hub with out any issues, we will have to pass the UCAS checkpoint, we call Dedric my coyote and arrange him to smuggle us over for 500 nuyen a piece. Takes us about 1 hour and makes it to the edge of the hub, the taxi starts taking side alleys and takes the Spear creek before it turns into a side alley and we are now in UCAS Territory about 5 blocks from the airport.

37 hours to go.

The Fridge lets Molly die at the organ legger’s in exchange for 10K nuyen off of body parts, and takes a similar path as we did to commerce city, he finds us breaking into the next car and I soon spoof Molly’s signal as if she was at home.

We begin to scope the airport and get within two blocks, airport itself is about 2 miles long with chain link fence that has razor wire, no nodes found in the airport vicinity, 1 node found in one of the building s in the airport, large hanger and control tower, Klaus breaks in through the fence and begins to head toward the control tower, the runway and control tower appear shabby but are in fact well maintained, no security cameras and security features are not found.

Klaus makes it to the control tower after turning off his commlink as I try to visually follow him, Fridge is hanging out watching and the Judge hangs out in the car trying to rest from the last fight. I hit the node and look around, it appears to be someones commlink so I hop out of the node and let everyone know there is someone in the control tower.

16 hours until the meet, dawn approaches.

I drive around the block and hide the car to sleep for a while, (8 hours) Klaus is still in the hanger and when the guard leaves he sets up security and several hours later a couple of men come into the airport and begin working in the hanger.

8 hours until the meet

sleep regulator allows a character to sleep 3 hours each night and stay awake for 48 hours before modifiers take effect

After 6 hours I get user access to the hidden airport network, we setup up for the take down when the meet starts, the guys who were working in the hanger left about an hour before the meet. Klaus attempts to get into the hanger, I setup near an exit to the airport with my drone setup nearby, they find a airplane in the hanger, guard shows back up opens the gate and appears to be waiting for someone, Vory and gang show up.

The trade begins about 7 goons with Gregory and Pylee talking outside the car, crates are holding 20 xm30’s payment in the vorys trunk, Fridge draws an arrow. I begin to close the distance between me and the meet from 150 meters to 75 meters, the Judge attempts to control the thoughts of one of the vory and takes aim at the Asian guy, Klaus releases his arrow to hit the driver of the van, it punches through the glass and hits the driver, vory that had thoughts controlled dumped a full auto round into the gangers, I suppressive fire the van with the goods a gangers hits my drone, and the SUV for the VORY has the payment in its trunk, Fridge puts another arrow into the driver, combat ensues with us being the victors.

I pile the loot into my stolen car (24 high ex grenade rounds + 6 more rounds and several clips +10 clips ex rounds 20 clips normal rounds, smartlink + anti theft) we bug out back to safe house.

Doc wagon helicopter shows up and attacks us to get Gregory back which the judge dragged with us, they got Gregory as I fled the scene and dropped off the goods. We got paid 25K a piece and 8 Karma (base)


memjob Kik

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